Why run PIM in the cloud?

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inRiver has built its PIM solution in the cloud, as a SaaS solution, to capitalize on a global trend that has been emerging over the past ten years, driven by social media and platform companies like Salesforce. Today, most innovation and solution development is happening in the cloud. The cloud has become omnipresent and companies across all industries are adapting their IT-strategies to take advantage of the benefits that a new generation of cloud solutions and apps offer. In addition, cloud based solutions offers brand-new ways to solve business problems and the way companies consume and pay for access to technology.

"By 2020, clouds will stop being referred to as "public" and "private," and ultimately they will stop being called clouds altogether. It is simply the new way business is done and IT is provisioned."  IDC: Cloud definitions and oppertunitiy, April 2015

The road to cloud adoption has not been straight forward and many companies are still reluctant to making this technology shift. Much of this resistance stems from lack of clarity in explaining the nature of the cloud and how it makes a difference to businesses. However, the attitude towards the cloud is now changing in a rapid pace. As new solutions enter the market they do so being built from the ground-up by utilizing every aspect of the cloud technology capabilities.

"By 2020, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-Internet’ policy is today." Gartner: Why a No-Cloud Policy Will Become Extinct, February 2, 2016


inRiver Product Marketing Cloud is secure, fast-to-deploy PIM running on proven, scalable, and elastic cloud infrastructure. inRiver Product Marketing Cloud provides reliable and global reach without sacrificing performance. Moving inRiver to the cloud has brought several benefits for any product selling B2C or B2B company, namely:

Global Reach – inRiver Product Marketing Cloud is multi-tenant SaaS, deployed in the cloud, which means that it can be reached from any place, at any time, from any device. This means that iPMC offers a single point of access to all PIM functionality and administration, in a single cloud solution.

Scalable – inRiver Product Marketing Cloud scales elastically, which means that you can start off small and gradually expand functionality and resources as required by the organization. inRiver will also self-adjust to usage spikes by automatically scaling whenever needed.

Fast Deployment and Low Risk – Being a SaaS means that inRiver Product Marketing Cloud can be deployed really fast. Running PIM as SaaS also means that there are no up-front hardware investments so you don’t have to pay for unutilized capacity.

Reliable and High Performing – inRiver Product Marketing Cloud runs on a massive, global cloud infrastructure which guarantees 99,999% availability. Running PIM as a service means elastic scaling of resources providing great performance.

Secure and Proven Technology – inRiver Product Marketing Cloud runs on Microsoft Azure. With this proven, globally available cloud technology you are in the best of hands, supporting compliance, transparency, 365/24/7 monitoring and support, making sure that your PIM service never fails.

Innovation – Analyst Gartner predicts that "By 2020, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-Internet’ policy is today." Cloud is driving the digital transformation. Nowadays new technology is created and developed in the cloud hence, this is also where innovation is taking place. This is absolutely true for the PIM industry as well. As in all other tech areas, this puts pressure on tech vendors to adapt to cloud and if they do not, they will most likely end up being irrelevant. In short – cloud is here to stay, it is the future.


inRiver is the market leader in Product Information Management (PIM) for B2C and B2B multi-channel commerce. Our powerful inRiver Product Marketing Cloud facilitates the creation, handling, and distribution of perfect product information to create a world-class customer experience across channels, in multiple languages.

Founded in 2007, inRiver is an award-winning and rapidly growing company with an extensive partner network. More than 900 globally recognized brands rely on inRiver’s PIM platform to control the product flow. The company is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with offices in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm, and sales offices in Phoenix, and Istanbul.

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